Love yourself at any size on your wedding day

Getting married?  I have heard many horror stories not only from brides but bridesmaids about the ridiculous pressure they feel to lose weight in time to ‘fit into’ wedding day dresses they will only likely wear once.  I had one person describe the stress they felt being on display — particularly with other wedding party members, who were clearly fitting smaller bodies into smaller sizes.  Planning a wedding is stressful enough.  The last thing women need is yet more pressure to lose weight.  I like this blog which addresses this.  As a Registered Psychotherapist and Counselor, I work with individuals and couples pre and post wedding day to help them deal with the various stresses they had not anticipated and feel is ruining a day they had otherwise looked forward to.  Our work together involves learning to manage expectations (yours and others), setting firm boundaries, developing stress management skills, and developing self-compassion (believe it or not that is the toughest one for many).  If you think you might benefit from some counseling leading up to your wedding day or around the stress of expectations (around your weight or anything else), please call or email for an appointment through this site or  I’m here to help.

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