Marriage Preparation

* Please note that marriage prep courses are currently on hold.

How do you maintain a loving connection, strong communication and conflict management as a couple? Marriage is a huge, complex, and long term commitment. The truth is no matter how certain you are of the love and devotion in your relationship, you probably have concerns about the high divorce rate in North America. Let’s talk! It can help!

Some faiths such as Judaism or Catholicism offer marriage preparation classes or courses to couples planning to marry in that particular faith. I have begun offering marriage preparation classes and counseling from a secular perspective, grounded in Humanist values of compassion and respect. Trained and mentored by long time social workers, Humanist Officiants and couples counselors, the pre-marriage classes I offer are designed to help facilitate open and honest discussion and dialogue that ultimately address ways to strengthen bonds, communication and conflict solving skills — regardless of whether we are talking about money, goals, children, trust, sex, etc. In fact a 16 year study conducted by the University of Toronto, demonstrated that couples who participated in programs such as these resolved or managed conflicts sooner, and more constructively than those who did not attend these kinds of programs.

Please know that my courses are not designed to criticize or judge any lifestyle choices nor will there be any pressure on either party to have children. These classes may be suitable for people planning to marry, considering a long term commitment, wanting to improve their relationship, having communication difficulties or who may be still unsure of their relationship.

Marriage prep education is often a 4 – 6 class commitment, once a week. However, these may be adapted to suit your particular needs and may be offered by skype to accommodate scheduling and location conflicts. Please contact me for various options. All inquiries and sessions will be kept strictly confidential.

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