Mindfulness for your Wedding Day

There is increasing research around the use and benefits of Mindfulness in couples therapy and in marriage more broadly. Consider this article by Gottman trained therapist Tori Parker. While Mindfulness is not just about meditation, meditation can help couples connect by bringing them into present moment awareness with themselves and each other. And what better time to practice Mindfulness than in the lead up to your wedding ceremony? While we often hear that weddings “should” be the “happiest day” of a person’s life, we Humanist Officiants also know that for many, the planning and doing of a wedding ceremony can be extremely stressful and anxiety provoking. Imagine how much calmer and more in tuned coupled could be if we helped them learn some mindfulness strategies that they could use in the lead up to the big day, on the big day (start with the breath!) and to carry through into their married life!


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