Wedding Day Music – Choose What Moves You!

The last time I heard the song “Here Comes the Bride” played at a Toronto Area Wedding or West GTA wedding I officiated, it was several years ago and the bride had a 5 year old relative play it on her toy xylophone. It was adorable and I was told she’d been practicing for months. Wedding music has certainly changed over time — even for the more traditionally-minded couples. At a recent wedding I officiated in Etobicoke, the bride actually kept the song she chose for coming “down the aisle” a secret from her groom. He was already so moved listening (and dancing) to the two songs they had chosen together for the wedding party’s entrance, he had tears streaming down his cheeks by the time she reached us at the front with the song she had carefully chosen on her own. Needless to say the music you choose can have a wonderful effect.

My husband and I actually made a CD (dating myself a bit?) of our favourite love songs together in the lead up to our Humanist wedding but to be quite honest I can’t actually remember what the trio played when I walked in. As it is for many couples, those moments were just a bit too emotional to recall those details. Still we enjoyed compiling the music and having the CD afterward and I always think back to our wedding whenever I hear any of the songs that we put on that CD. All that to say, as a Humanist Officiant who creates very personalized weddings with a focus on the couple’s narrative, I’m all for encouraging couples to find music that resonates or tells a story about them in some way.

And wedding music comes in many varieties. There is no one right choice. It can be classical or modern; DJ-led (which includes family members or friends) or with live musicians. I have had a few couples dance their way down the aisle to some of their favourite music — music that they felt actually connected them in some ways as a couple. So, in that spirit, I figured I’d share this CBC link to the top 100 wedding songs to see if anything you love or have loved made the list. Have fun and enjoy the trip down memory lane or drawing from the list to create your own, new, loving memories!

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