Gay Marriage Good for Economy

I clearly remember the second time I officiated at a same-sex ceremony. It was here in Toronto down at one of my favourite spots — Kew Beach. I remember it so distinctly because the women who were getting married were from New York. We had been working on their ceremony for months. They were so grateful to be able to drive up to Ontario to have their ceremony. At least 25 of their close family members and friends joined them for the drive, ceremony and evening out on the town. What I remember most though was that no one knew that literally the night before their wedding day, gay marriage was legalized in New York. This, despite serious opposition by the religious right. Understandably, with just a night to go, they suddenly felt conflicted about driving up here — when they could finally get married at home. Who could blame them? In the end, they loved their ceremony and so did I. I felt honoured to have been a part of it. Today, I was reminded of their wedding with the article on the economic benefits of inclusion and progressive politics
On the first year anniversary of the legalization of gay marriage in New York, I am also as a result reminded that it is their first wedding anniversary. Congratulations to these women and to all men and women in New York who got to stay at home — just like the rest of us — to be married.

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