Getting Married this Summer? Just a Few Reasons Why Summer Weddings Work

Summer and fall are some of my busiest months in terms of people getting married.  People love the weather in the summer (please excuse the torrential rains which have made outdoor weddings more precarious this spring-summer so far) and the colours of fall.  This is particularly special in Canada where we have such distinctive looking seasons.

Regardless of when you get married though, planning a wedding can be stressful. I have officiated many weddings over summer long weekends where couples worried whether guests would come, or they felt bad for making them miss a weekend out of town.  While I’m a fan of weddings all year round (and there are many benefits to having a wedding out of high season — costs for one, not only for the wedding but for a honeymoon if you’re taking one.  Out of season will be far less busy).  However, this article highlights some benefits of a summer wedding.  While they address themes, location, clothes, flowers, guests and food options (more ability to go local), it’s important to remember there are some precautions to take in the summer as well. Here are a few:

1) Yes it’s warm — but you need a plan B for rain in this part of the world.

2) Again, YES IT’S WARM – sometimes too warm.  Shade therefore is a great idea – so is extra water.  I have seen dehydrated couples, guests (and officiants) and it’s not fun.

3) Bright sun can impact photography.  Overcast skies can sometimes make for fewer shadows.

4) Keep the bug spray handy — particularly out of the city and particularly at certain times of day and certain times during the summer.




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