Fair Trade Enters the Eco-Wedding Business

As a Humanist Wedding Officiant it is probably no surprise that I am a a big fan of finding more environmentally ways to plan a wedding. I’ve certainly blogged about it in past posts and if you google “green weddings” you will find 232,000,000 results turn up — clearly it’s catching on. However, planning any wedding can be tough when trying to reconcile competing demands and expectations with your own values, ideas and ideals. For some, just the idea of blending “green” and wedding doesn’t work, particularly when we are bombarded with images of what the “perfect” wedding and “perfect” wedding dress should look like. These are usually neither “green” nor economical. But increasingly, as this article suggests — there are options that now increasingly include fair trade, which they suggest leave you looking amazing and feeling like you’ve made ethical choices that extend beyond your wedding day. While this is by no means an attempt to be prescriptive, it does help offer choices that align with Humanist values of care of compassion — values that guide the work we do when building and writing weddings and other life cycle events.

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